Apple iPhone 8 leaks showing great potential what people expect with next gen. Smartphone features like FaceID are revealing around the internet everyday as of how this feature will work and what to expect from it. While from recent reports FaceID will surely replace TouchID from iPhone as Apple is trying to build iOS 11 without TouchID usages which help the user to run and function all old commands which they use with their earlier iPhones.

Potential of FaceID is a major question about people as for how it will and what is its drawback could it able to detect faces in dark or not? and various other problem but Apple will surely understand this case before removing TouchID from iPhone.

Talking about recent reports KGI’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple has a significant lead on Qualcomm in the 3D sensing technology space, KGI reports that Qualcomm will not be making significant shipments until at least 2019.

Qualcomm is eating for Apple to release this sensor and will see the market success then other vendors will order this sensor for their smartphones. As Kuo told is his report Qualcomm is immature in both software and hardware files to properly significant shipping products. As Software Department for the device is taken by Android while as compared to Apple they have both hardware and software authority which gives Apple great leap in this issue. Xiaomi is eating for the Qualcomm’s tech as they are waiting for a response in the market from Apple before pushing their product.

Apple is using revolutionary technology for their FaceID sensor which uses the Infrared sensor to take images of your’s so it could detect your face in any amount of light. As this feature is exclusive for OLED model iPhone which may be called as iPhone 8, it will have a revolutionary front camera for FaceID. TSMC will be manufacturing Apple’s IR transmitter’s diffractive optical element and wafer-level optical. Qualcomm uses a 2-in-1 system of the of the DOE and WLO from Himax. This is what the most recent report calls a “huge difference” between Apple and Qualcomm’s 3D components suppliers.

Hope both these companies bring something new to biometric password and will change the next way to unlock the device which we have not seen yet. Hope you may like to know more about upcoming iPhone so, stay tuned for more details. See you soon.


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