Finally, Fitbit has launched its full fledged smartwatch, as this new smartwatch has really some awesome feature to compete in the market. Fitbit Ionic is what’s Fitbit called it, it’s premium range smartwatch which is priced at $300 which is similar to Apple Watch. Fitbit Ionic somewhat gave head to head to Apple Watch and many another smartwatch in terms of features.

Fitbit design this smart watch in Square Metal Design same as previous Fitbit Surge, as Surge has some issue from the user while using, so Fitbit carefully made all those issues to go away with Ionic. Fitbit has already had so much Fitness band ranges like Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Surge or much more but the cost of Ionic is twice as compared to these devices.

Fitbit Ionic Fitness Smartwatch
Fitbit Ionic Fitness Smartwatch

While Fitbit on the other release companion Wireless Headphone with Ionic, known as Fitbit Flyer. Fitbit Flyer is Fitness Headphone, not a normal Headphone so you can prefer this device while Fitness exercise there is a much exciting feature in Flyer which we’ll discuss in later articles.

Talking about Fitbit Iconic device feature GPS for your extremely accurate workout tracking, but there is lot of features which made this smart watch a true smartwatch like On Board Music so you can listen to music from the device without your smartphone so leave your smartphone at home and go run without any issue, you can also perform Contactless Payment so no need to carry your wallet as there is much better wallet is here. Embedded NFC also lurks for possible features that would let you tap the watch against a sensor, like unlocking doors perhaps. Iconic is also Swimming friendly you can swim up-to 50-meter of water. The device also features swappable band which includes new designs, Notification will mirror from your smartphone but you can’t reply them.

While Fitbit also made a new App Store so that apps can run on the device while there are some apps like Pandora Music, Starva, Starbucks and little more to keep you busy with a smartwatch. Fitbit also releases an SDK next month which helps the developer to make an app for this device.

Fibit Ionic Adidas Edition
Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition

Battery life of this device is far good enough than you think about any smartwatch as Fitbit acclaimed that 4 days of backup including daily fitness this is one of this deciding feature for health user to make a move for this device as other smart watches like Apple Watch which could only live around 10-12 hour during whole day, which made Apple Watch a wall huger device.

Fitbit Hits stores in October for $300 (International pricing isn’t yet available, but the price roughly converts to £230 for the UK and AU$380). So let’s see how this feature bends user attention towards Fitbit smartwatch rather than others.


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