Apple new Wireless headphones are really luring customers hearts as other brands are also trying to make their headphones like Samsung, Fitbit Flyer and many other. But all these headphones won’t be able to compete with Apple AirPods, not in terms of sound quality but in terms of the features as from start AirPods really feel amazing connecting AirPods to iPhone is super easy just open lid of AirPods and ready to go. Experience of AirPods and connectivity with other Apple product are really easy as AirPods simply sync with your Apple ID devices like MacBook, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Battery life of AirPods is also optimal with 4-5 Hours of usage in the single charge and carry case also charge the device really easy. Due to its launch, Apple AirPods have shown significant availability issue to the user as Apple is some how to fail to fulfill user demand in time. But the shortage of AirPods won’t stop this device to rule over the market as NPD a market research firm shows that Apple has overwhelmingly dominated the industry so far this year, fending off competition from the likes of Samsung and Bragi…

The reports show that over 900,000 completely wireless headphones units have been sold in the United States so far this year, and Apple AirPods has over 85% of smashing sales which shows how really amazing AirPods are.

AirPods have really many factors which lure customers heart like “disruptive pricing, brand resonance, and excitement over the W1 chip.” Since launching in December, Apple’s AirPods have accounted for 85% of totally wireless headphone dollar sales in the U.S.

According to reports, Apple AirPods shows over 98 percent of customer satisfaction. While hasn’t broken out specific unit sales for AirPods, Apple AirPods also shows great companion to Apple Watch which is also the productivity of AirPods to another level while workouts and other stuff you can play or sync songs from Apple Watch without any issue.

While in recent earnings call Tim Cook said that company has increased the production capacity for AirPods and shipping times have already started to improve. AirPods are also available in other countries than U.S. so now the whole world can experience this true Wireless device.


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