iPhone 8 will be the 10th Anniversary smartphone from Apple, and speculation about what new in iPhone 8 is going around the world. iPhone 8 edition will be available in three storage tiers, with pricing starting at $999. According to reports, 64GB model will be priced at $999, a 256GB at $1099 and a 512GB model at $1199, but UBS analysts disagree with pricing tiers.

Apple iPhone 8 will break all the previous price barriers of iPhone and other smartphones. UBS analyst Steven Milunovich and UBS associate analyst Benjamin Wilson said they “questioned the logic” of a $1200 flagship iPhone. While comparing to other competitors in the market like Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus model which is priced at $840 and the new Note 8 at around $950, so iPhone OLED model would not raise the bar to $999. They also suggest that only 64GB and 256GB tiers will be offered.

UBS Analyst Suggest Apple iPhone 8 Will Start From $900

UBS makes the somewhat questionable argument that Apple starts with a price and then develops a product to hit that budget. Apple will not enter the market with such a huge price tag as Apple MacBook also costs around $999 – $1200 for starting MacBook’s so how would they be priced iPhone at around $999.

Apple iPhone 8 will offer some amazing feature including a new design, new biometrics, and camera which made the device worth more than it’s priced. iPhone 8 will be priced at around $900 – $999. Apple will also bring some trade off offer to iPhone 8 which makes it easier to buy from the user and also iPhone exchange program which helps Apple to get little bit sales.

UBS isn’t only analysts to suggest that Apple would struggle to sell the iPhone 8 at the rumored 4-figure price level. Other analysts also suggest that heavy pricing also leads Apple user to switch to other brands. Personally, I feel Apple will price iPhone 8 at around $949 for starting model and raise up to around $1199 for higher storage model.


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