According to the new leaks, Apple is going to introduce next AirPods as leaked from Apple iOS 11 GM version update, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has uncovered a render of the new version of Apple’s AirPods. As he noted that while a render of the “iPhone X” not been discovered within the firmware (yet), he also mentioned about LTE version Apple Watch and now he leaked about next Gen. AirPods from GM version of iOS 11.

While new gen. AirPods will have the same look as OLD AirPods, with the same white color design. LED status button of AirPods is placed out side the AirPods which is really convenient for the user to see Charging and connected status. As the earlier version of AirPods LED indicator is placed inside it which made the user to open lid each time to see the charging and connecting status. While we wouldn’t be able to get more information about this device but according to the competition, Apple will surely go waterproof AirPods so the user can use this device in Gyms and other places. Apple may also bring Heart Rate measuring sensor to AirPods as Apple has patented earlier this year.

Apple may also make some adjustment to sound quality as they may add Noise Cancellation feature to AirPods which will surely exchange your listing experience. As OLD AirPods won’t have this feature at all and user are really missing it.

When the AirPods is in the case, the LED shows the charge status of the pods, but if they are removed from the case then the LED shows the status of the case itself. Green indicates charged, while an amber glow means less than one full charge remains. While today’s leaked video only shows White LED Color which shows AirPods are ready to use and connected Apple may change colors scheme of AirPods.

This is really exciting to see how Apple will introduce next AirPods and what new feature to expect in next AirPods until then start speculating about this device for more information stay connected for the event on 12th Sept.


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