iPhone 8 event is just behind the corner, leaks and peaks of upcoming devices are coming in just a few hours as how many product Apple will launch and which new feature Apple will have in new iPhones. We have heard quite a lot about iPhone 8 and iPhone X entire this year like how the coming device will be better than previous iPhone. Developer Steve Troughton Smith now offers a bit more information about the hardware of the new iPhones, including RAM specifications and camera details.

iPhone 8 will be most powerful iPhone ever which includes Apple custom made chipset A11 which will be a Six Core processor. As far as RAM concern iPhone 8 will feature 2GB of RAM because of heavy multitasking while talking about Dual Camera phone like iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will feature 3GB. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X camera will consume more power. Talking about Camera of iPhone, iPhone 8 will feature a simple 12MP single camera with OIS camera also support 4K Video at 60 FPS and 1080p Video at 240 FPS. As the iPhone 8 may feature an 8MP camera with the support of 1080p video at 30 FPS.

Talking about iPhone X which is really an attraction point of this whole event it will feature a 3D Sensing which requires lots of power. Apple also made lots of enhancement to 3D Camera so the user will enjoy real camera experience.

In the iOS 11 GM version, Apple has offered more information about iPhone X’s hardware, iPhone X will feature an A11 Chipset which features 6 Core, 2 High-Performance Core, and Four efficiency core. Apple event is going to be really amazing and it is exciting to know whether what Apple came up with in this event.


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