Apple event is just hours left and we are still receiving news about what will happen in next Apple Special event. Which new feature Apple is bringing in this event. Apple will surely go for an upgraded version of Apple TV which will feature 4K compatibility. It is the fifth version of Apple TV, Apple will redesign Siri Remote that features haptic feedback. Apple has leaked many things in their iOS 11 GM update which gives us peeks about how Apple will bring new feature into these products.

Developer Guilherme Rambo has sent a leak images from iOS 11 GM that was released over the weekend and found “actuator calibration” and “force calibration” references, suggesting haptic feedback for the remote.

Siri Remote already is the best device to interact with Apple TV but it’s still missing some features which may surely full fill by force touch technique. Siri Remote will feature the same look and feel as the remote for the fourth-gen Apple TV or if there will be other design changes included alongside haptic feedback. This helps the user to interact more with AppleTV and really easy now people will feel the depth of content and experience of the content.

Haptic Engine is designed by Apple which provides tactile feedback when interacting with a device, you can perform Press or tap and you will feel really amazing. Apple introduces Haptic Engine in 2015 iPhone which helps you to feel 3D Touch. Since then Apple has made this technology available on various other Apple products like MacBook, Mac, and iOS.

According to leaks, Apple is planning to have A10X Fusion Chipset with 3GB of RAM which helps to render amazing 4K Content and High-Definition Games with lots of Graphics. Besides this Apple TV will render at 2160p support a variety of color formats including HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and it will require 15Mb/s for streaming 4K Content. Apple is also trying to add 4K content to Apple iTunes Store so that they may capture people attention. So let’s see how Apple reinvent new Apple TV.


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