Apple Watch 3 Cellular Plans & Availability In Countries: The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular support has been announced today which includes the function of the device with wireless carrier plans. AS till now, Apple has mentioned that the contacts and all the details of numbers in iPhone remain same and will be used on watch but with one obvious catch that the use of cellular functionality of watch there is an extra charge payable by the users. They may be required to pay an additional fee to their carrier.

Till now only AT&T and Verizon have officially announced their price points as of today, but we’re expecting to learn more from other carriers soon.

Jeff Williams, Apple COO, took to the stage to demo off just how the cellular functionality would work with the new Apple Watch. Placing a call to Deirdre, who was paddle boarding at the time, he made sure to let the audience know he was placing the call over AT&T. The nationwide carrier has already announced that its plan will cost customers an additional $10/month. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are also offering support for customers in Puerto Rico.

Verizon has decided to begin its plans by being more gratuitous with its customers. Users on a Verizon plan will be able to get three free months of service to start, before being charged $10/month as well. T-Mobile is offering the same free three months of service, then upping it to $10 per month.

Support to Sprint has been viewed on the page lists of the Apple Watch Cellular, but it has not been announced yet. For Apple Watch Series 3 users in Canada, Bell, and Telus will be available later this year.

Other countries with carriers that will offer Apple Watch Series 3 support include Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia Japan and China.


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