#6 Amazing Features Of iPhone X: Apple iPhone X is really an amazing phone as it showed the future of thinking in design, power, and features, Apple conquer many fears to make this iPhone best smartphone ever as they removed headphone jack in the previous model continues in this too while wireless option from Apple is also amazing, New unlocking FaceID is also amazing as Apple finally removed TouchID which shows great move.

iPhone X first impression is amazing and people are loving this product as there are many reasons to love it so, we are mentioning some of the interesting points in this article so let’s get started:

Features Of iPhone X

1. FaceID: 

iPhone X FaceID is really an amazing feature which made iPhone more future proof than ever, it becomes more convenient and most secure method of unlocking the iPhone. Apple uses various techniques to help FaceID to capture your face only and this result is going true as the first hand on iPhone X shows this amazing capability. Your iPhone will be unlocked by just putting it in front of your face, you can use any apps, Apple Pay and much more from FaceID.

iPhone X FaceID,iPhone X FaceID Security Authentication
iPhone X FaceID

2. Glass Design:

Glass Design of iPhone X made iPhone looks really fantastic, glass back iPhone X is reinforced glass same as iPhone 4s it is tough and more durable. iPhone X is available in two most iconic colors Black and White which looks awesome. Due to glass design waterproofing on iPhone X, it becomes more secure as waterproofing is more advanced to the microscopic level.

3. AR Functionality:

New Cameras on iPhone X has really great AR functionality which made iPhone X best AR device ever. You can use many new features like Face Detection so that overlay sticker applies to face, gaming on AR is also really interesting you can see real-time gaming in front of your device and interact with it very easily. Future of AR can reveal many new possibilities around so, we have to wait and see how the developer can change AR.

iPhone X Augmented Reality,iPhone X AR
iPhone X Augmented Reality

4. AirPower:

First, of finally, iPhone uses wireless which made removal of headphone jack little bit more justifiable but it does not mean that people will use wireless charging for listening music. Apple showed their way towards Wireless Charging industry with this product you can charge iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously on one charging pad which is really awesome.

iPhone X Air Power,iPhone X Wireless Charging
iPhone X Air Power

Apart from this, you can buy third parties Qi Charger from any suggested manufacturers while you can charge your iPhone from any Qi charging stand on store very easily.

5. OLED Display:

OLED display on iPhone really rocks up the bottom as it supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision as Apple called this display as Super Retinal Display which is really amazing but sadly Apple did not go for Promotion Technology as iPad Pro 2nd Gen. which made display refresh rates around 120Hz but overall display of iPhone X is really amazing. Edge to edge glass panel made iPhone X design seamlessly submerged at the back of the device which made iPhone X a singular piece of glass without anything in its range.

6. Cameras:

Camera of iPhone X is most powerful camera system ever created on smartphone, these words are not of Apple but it will be accepted soon as quality and capture techniques from iPhone X will leave behind each and every camera technology far behind as Apple uses various techniques of ML (Machine Learning) to make auto capture experience better than ever. Apple new A11 Bionic Chipset along with new Image Signal Processor (ISP) helps iPhone X to present this amazing images.

iPhone X Camera
iPhone X Camera

So these are the thing which made iPhone X better than any other iPhone, we have come around 10th iPhone and journey of 10 years really shows some amazing result by the innovation of this year.


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