Apple new iPhone X is really getting much attention as compared to its launching partner iPhone 8, as iPhone 8 goes on pre-order on 15 September but it won’t seem that many people are interested in iPhone 8. As a larger number of iPhone buyers are waiting until the iPhone X goes up for preorder in late October rather than purchasing the more readily available iPhone 8.

Apple really made less difference between these two model as the major features are present in both models like Wireless Charging, Glass Body, Faster Processor, Better Display and much more. But due to the difference in design iPhone X will be able to capture much attention. As noted by an analyst firm KGI Securities put out a report today, explaining how the existence of the iPhone X may be cutting into iPhone 8 preorders, which went live last weekend and still show a reasonable availability windows of one to two weeks for online orders. Launch-day pickup is still available for some models. A new iPhone typically jumps to a three to six-week availability after the initial preorder wave, KGI notes.

Despite having a price tag on iPhone X, iPhone 8 still looks cannibalize. Apple iPhone 8 is just a feature upgrade over iPhone 7 which people already fed-up from iPhone 6 which receives last design change since then iPhone X is the only model which receives this much design changes.

iPhone X will also have supply constraint since its launch as mentioned by KGI. Due to the edge to edge OLED display and amount of camera tech in the front notch could make it hard to come by until 2018. So it is interesting to which iPhone model will make how much profit and how people choose their smartphone either they pick “new gen phone” or “future of phone”.


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