Apple Watch Series 3 Reviews: LTE Connectivity & Battery Life Concerns: The reviews for the Apple Watch Series 3 have come from The Verge and others which raised the issues related to the LTE part of the Watch. Other features, however, received the positive review from The Verge including the built-in cellular capabilities. The major issue which is mentioned in the article of The Verge is that instead to connect with LTE, Apple Watch connects to an unknown Wi-Fi network. Apart from connectivity issue, battery life is also short in the Watch.

Reviews Of Apple Watch Series 3- LTE Not Working Well

The Verge has faced the connectivity issue with two units of Apple watch after that Apple acknowledge this issue and assured to fix the problem very soon.

We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular. We are investigating a fix for a future software release”.  Said by Apple’s spoke person.

The built-in cellular modem is the great feature in Apple Watch Series 3 as it allows receive and make calls and messages even without having your phone nearby to you and not even connected to the known Wi-Fi network. The heart rate tracking is also well improved in WatchOS 4 which is quite a worthy feature. It will allow recording the resting heart rate, average walking heart rate, recovery heart rate and much more.

Reviews from others are mentioned below:

According to TechCrunch, finds the functionality of the Watch is good and it has most of the important apps that are already present in previous Apple Watches. The addition of Siri’s voice in the Watch is the good step and introduction of Apple Pay in the Watch is another added feature into it which people usually do in their mobiles, now they will be able to do the same in their Smartwatch without using the mobiles.

 The Wall Street Journal also raised the issue of cellular connectivity by stating that “Most worryingly, my colleague Geoffrey Fowler and I experienced cellular connectivity issues on three separate pre-production models, in two different states, on two different 4G LTE carriers”. said by The Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern.

Stern also said that Siri sometimes failed to connect and several dropped connections were also faced on T-mobile. Battery life is also the concern for the long time as Stern said that “you’re lucky if the battery allows you to roam on cellular for longer than half a day—especially if you’re making calls.”

The New York Times recommends the people to buy the Apple Watch series 3 due to its impressive features, its design, durability and fitness tracker to record the heart rate, heartbeat during walks, running and all other workouts. It is good to have all records so that users can keep themselves healthy and fit.

CNET  says that it is the best smartwatch available in the market with the cellular connection which is efficiently working for phone, email, Siri, and messages as well. In the new Watch music syncs is easier than before. However, it says battery life is not good in the watch as expected which needs to be upgraded.

So from all these reviews, it is concluded that on the new Apple watch Series 3, short Battery life and LTE connectivity issues are the area of concern which Apple needs to resolve soon and apart from these overall features of the Watch seems good as compared to the previous versions. So before buying the Apple watch Series 3, you should need to know all these things very well to avoid any problem in future.

Price and Availability

Apple Watch Series 3 will start shipping on September 22nd. Apple is going to ship two versions, one is with LTE and another one is without LTE however, both the versions will have the new improved processor on price $399 and $329 respectively.


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