Low Yield Of 3-D Sensors May Delay The Supply Of iPhone X: According to a new report from Taiwan, the supply of 3D sensors which is part of the TrueDepth camera module of the newly launched iPhone X is very less to the Apple and due to this reason the supply of iPhone X would be going to suffer. If we believe in one source, the production volume of the smartphone is very low than expected because of the shortage of the 3D sensors. So it can be said that if the situation will remain same then it would be very difficult to release the iPhone X on time and company may face the delay in fulfilling the supply of preorders by the end of the year.


According to an analyst – based to Taipei, the 3-D sensors are the only limiting component for the iPhone X which will use in facial recognition feature in the device to unlock phones and to authenticate payments on the smartphone which is the feature introduced for the first time in iPhone and is limited to only the iPhone X. This feature is not available in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which is already released in the market after few days of its launch.

The shipping date of iPhone X is November 3 but it is very difficult to say that the Apple would be able to make sure smooth supply of the device or will it take more time. Jeff Pu, an analyst  at Taipei-based Yuanta Investing Consulting  also said that the 3-D sensors are the only issue which is affecting the production of iPhone X, he also added that the expected month for mass production of iPhone X is October and after that the smartphone will start to come for the worldwide distribution after a week.

It is also reported that only 2 million units of iPhone X has produced by Foxconn and the target is to achieve production of 10 million units in October, and by the end of the year it is expecting to manufacture 40 million units.


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