Apple Released Updated iOS 11.0.2 After Having Low Battery Life Issues: Apple has released an update to iOS software named as iOS 11.0.2 after having so many complaints of iOS 11 battery life from the customers. Two weeks before, Apple has released the new operating system iOS 11, tvOS11, macOS 4 and watchOS 4 for the users. After the updating the device with the latest operating system, users raised the issue of low battery life in iOS 11 as compared to the previous operating system. With this problem, Apple has released 11.0.2 update to resolve the problem on the priority basis. 

     Updates To iOS 11 Has Now Released For Users

Apple released iOS 11.0.2 with stating that ‘bug fixes and improvements’, however, has not provided any clear statement about what bugs have been addressed in the update. Apart from battery life concern, users have also complained about system functioning including – facing the problem with Apple Pay, TouchID, iMessage etc.

Some of the users have also said that their iPhone network is displayed in Chinese character instead of being UK or US network. Issues of getting stuck on a particular app were also raised by some customers. Apple has also released updates including watchOS 4.1, tvOS11.1 and macOS10.13.1. In watchOS 4.1, Apple has added few new features including new Radio app and Apple music streaming.  

According to a London based mobile security company named as Wandera, iPhone updated with iOS 11, after having 100 percent battery completely discharge in 96 minute which is very low as compared to iPhone running on iOS 10 which took 240 minutes for the same.  Now in response to the issues, Apple has done a great job of releasing iOS 11.0.2 for the users so that their problem would resolve.  


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