Apple Mac Mini May Get Hardware Bump As Leaked By Tim Cook: Apple desktop lineup now feels pretty old as Apple All-In-One solution iMac has recently received the new update to support Intel’s latest CPU and AMD’s latest GPU. While people are waiting for next gen. iMac Pro which has workstation-class performance and best in class looks, many industries will surely adapt Apple iMac Pro but other desktop solution like Mac Pro which features a CPU style computer and Mac Mini which features small class computer which is more affordable yet have the best performance are also the options.

It has been around three years we haven’t seen any new update on Mac Mini as it still features Intel’s 4th Gen CPU with older GPU and memory units,  it still perform well because of Apple’s robust macOS but features like new Thunderbolt 3, VR Support and much more are still obsolete from these devices.

Mac Mini is the most affordable Mac yet created and it gives many users to show what are the possibilities of macOS and what they can create with it. Many offices and home also prefer this small device at their homes as they don’t want the big cabinet to takes space in their home.

Apple new hardware strategy is very clear to build the best device on your desk, talking about newest leaks it is expected that Mac Mini come this year or early 2018, as Apple’s CEO has leaked that they are making new Mac Mini secretly as many users have requested new hardware for Mac Mini and Tim Cook also confirms this issue.

Apple has shown how can greatest things achieve on lot less price. It is not bad to expect new Mac Mini will feature a best Intel’s CPU with Quad-Core CPU and GPU which will support VR and more. It is also expected that Mac Mini may get newest Thunderbolt 3 ports which help you to plug external GPU and much more. Apple will show in future that how this small device is more capable of rather than a small piece of Aluminum.


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