Remember Google I/O 2017 which was held earlier this year in which Google Shows the new way to search from Google Search with a camera app called as Google. You can get information of Landmark, Places, Things and convert any language to another language very easily.

As Google and many other tech giants are placing their services to have AI first capability and Google has shown many new things what could happen with AI. Samsung’s has already brought this feature to its AI called as Bixby which uses the same technology to recognize the place, things and convert any language from photos.

Google Leans App At Google I/O
Google Leans App At Google I/O

Google Lens app itself is yet to be rolled out, but, a few weeks ago, we learned that it would be hitting the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL later this year. But older Pixel phones can use this app as it is available to download. This app is only available for preview and user can cancel the preview or proceed with it to gain access the features listed in the for the app usage, but it doesn’t seem like there are a whole lot people who haven’t received the preview invite can do to get it.

Google lens app is expected to launch for other Android devices early next year as the company may test this app to exclusive devices like Pixel and Nexus. While now you can get access to some feature of Google lens in Photos app.

Vision is the biggest thing for Human evolution we have build all these things from our Vision so if machines will able to see our world and start to understand it there will be no way to stop these machine to become the human-like device.


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