The biometric device now becomes necessary for our usage as we keep many of our private and secret data inside our phone that’s why companies tried to bring various ways to unlock your device. Your smartphone has become your daily companion you use it every little while, so it should need to be secure, while the phone you are using many has biometric lock system like Fingerprint sensor, Face Scanner, Iris Scanner and much more. But companies require touching less.

Some future innovation in Biometric includes Samsung’s Iris Scanning which unlocks your phone with scanning to your face and most revolutionary Apple’s FaceID which changes the course of the Biometric system. Redrock Biometrics, a startup based in San Francisco, has a solution that involves “reading” your palm using just about any camera.

New PalmID Technology
New PalmID Technology

This technology is called as PalmID, which justifies itself as it utilizes the palm of your hand as secure “key” to authenticate into a variety of services, online and offline. “You can think about the palm as a very large fingerprint,” said Lenny Kontsevich, Redrock’s chairman. “It has a rich structure and can be captured by any camera touchless.”

According to the company, your palm has more security, and it can be able to scan by just waving your hand in front of the sensor or camera of the device. The company also claim that authentication technology is more secure and more practical, compared to other Biometric which are present right now.

PalmID uses RGB or infrared camera with a resolution of 0.3MP or above and authenticates the user in under 100 milliseconds, according to the speed of the processing. This technology uses a machine vision techniques, it converts the palm image to a unique signature that Redrock says is impossible to fake.

PalmID may be the future for upcoming devices like AR and VR devices which uses the camera on the device rather than any other Biometric like TouchID or FaceID which makes unlocking things more difficult. This technology could benefit other services like ATMs, desktop, and another device to have most secure and hassle-free payment system. This feature could benefit multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS Android and Linux.

Dirty hands, scars, or insufficient illumination will not prevent the correct identification of your palm, according to Redrock. Just show your palm to the camera from a distance of six inches or more and, in a fraction of a second, you will sign in, authorize a virtual payment, or verify your identity at the bank. This system will solve any problem related to securing upcoming future devices which we will see soon. Until then goodbye and have the nice day.


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