Intel’s First Optane Series For The Desktop Is Released: Intel’s first Optane SSD (Solid State Drive) has been released that will be incorporated into Optane DRAM technology. For the gamers and PC lovers, it will be exciting to have this feature on their PCs and laptops as the Optane SSD 900p series is basically meant for gaming machines and workstations in high-end laptops. Intel’s Optane technology is also the memory pool for the computer by increasing the memory in case of need up to a TB from 32 GB, so the Optane will also help to make the machine’s memory pool faster than before.



The Optane SSD 900p Series will be available in 280GB and 480GB in U.2 and HHHL (Half-height half-length) form factor but the U.2 drive at this time will be available only at 280GB capacity. The fast speed of the new Optane SSD is claimed to be 7 times faster than competing NVMe SSDs having up to 2500MB/s reading speed and up to 2000MB/s writing speed. Intel’s Optane SSD will provide faster load times and smooth gaming experience to the users. It is also obvious that this much speed is fascinating for the PC gamers.

It is also important to consider that with the increasing speed to that much extent will definitely affect the battery life of the laptop as this much speed will drain the battery and will result in loss of battery in very short time. Apart from this, it is also coming with only five years of guarantee, which seems less in comparison with other SSDs that are providing almost double than this.

Talking about the price of the Optane 900p SSD series, it will cost you higher than the existing competitors. The 280GB drive will be available at $389 while the 480GB will be at $599.


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