Apple Has Came With New iOS 11.2 Beta 2 For iPhone: Apple has released new iOS 11.2 Beta 2 for latest iPhone X so that the latest iPhone X to be updated to the latest developer beta. The iOS 11.2 beta is available to download for the Registered developer. downloaded from Apple’s Developer Center or over-the-air after the installation of proper configuration profile from the developer center.


The iOS 11.2 beta, however, is not available for iPhone X version yet, the customers who had already installed the iOS 11.2 beta on their previous device now facing problem to restore backup on the new iPhone X. Apple has released its latest iPhone X with iOS 11.0.1, customer has to update its iPhone X before restoring from backup.

To install the iOS 11.2 back-ups on the device, the user can upgrade the device to the new version of the software as the iPhone X beta is now available.  An animation bug has fixed in the calculator app in the iOS 11.2. This fixation will make the calculation fast as the animations are removed in the update. in the calculation, the need of pause between entering numbers is eliminated.

The iOS 11.2 also brings the new features to control over Apple TV, a new now playing option so that the content on the Apple TV be controlled now introduced in iOS 11.2 along with the Bug fixes for calculator app.


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