Delay In Apple’s HomePod By 2018: Apple has confirmed the delay in the release of its HomePod – the first ever designed music speaker of Apple that connects to wifi wirelessly. On Friday, Apple has announced the delay and clears that the company will be able to ship the Homepod in early 2018. So it can be easily assumed that the HomePod will reach to the customers in late January to February.

Apple’s HomePod

The Apple fans who are waiting to buy the HomePod have to wait little longer as Apple is still working on it and we all know Apple always tries to give best in its product in order to satisfy the customer at its maximum extent and at this time Apple is working on its speaker’s technology to make it perfectly good.

At WWDC event back in June 2017, Apple has unveiled the HomePod and gives the idea of release in December this year. However, the reasons behind the delay are not given by the company but Apple has to pay attention to making it sure that the product will not suffer more delay so that the customers won’t lose their excitement for the product. In the market, Google Home and Amazon Echo are already available that are the rivals of HomePod an already doing well in the market.

The HomePod is initially scheduled to release in Uk, US, and Austrailia in white and Space gray color option. This speaker will also support the Siri voice software and it will support the AirPlay 2 so that the multi-speaker audio streaming will become possible. The HomePod will work from the Apple Music or over AirPlay from nearby iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs over wi-fi. The price set for the HomePod is around $349 and this cylindrical device will be well designed to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo in terms of features and performance as well.



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