Surface Book 2 Consumes Battery Even On Charging: Confirms By Microsoft: Microsoft has launched its Surface Book 2 in two sizes – a 13.5-inch and a new 15-inch model in last month. Microsoft has claimed that it is most powerful Surface device but in reality, there is a major power issue in Surface Book 2 as the battery loss is occurring in it even on connecting with power supply. This issue is now confirmed by the company in a media statement.

Battery Consumption In Surface Book 2 While On                                                           Charging Mode

image Surface Book 2

The issue in the battery of Surface Book 2 was first noticed by The Verge while reviewing the device in this month. In a statement, The Verge mentioned that in its review, – “The base battery discharges too quickly with supplied charger, meaning the Nvidia card will disconnect in the middle of a long gaming session at maximum performance even if you are plugged in.”

A power mode slider is associated with the Surface Book 2 that on set to “best performance” option, the device started consuming the battery even on being connected to power supply. However, it is also accepted by The Verge that the battery will never drain entirely on being plug in while during work.

image Surface Book 2

The surface Book 2 comes with two separate battery pack, from that one is inside the screen while another one is within the keyboard base. A 102 – watt charger supplies the power to both the batteries and the things is that the processor available in Surface Book 2, needs 25 watts during high power mode and Nvidia GPU needs 70 watts of power.

In 2015, Microsoft has launched its Surface Book for the first time and now its successor that is Surface Book 2 was launched in October. The Surface Book 2 is available at price of $1,499. A 10 percent discount for military, students, faculty and even parents of K-12 or higher-ed students is also available.  A 7th-gen Intel Core i5-7300U with an integrated GPU and some models with the 8th-gen Core i7-8650U will also ship by the company.


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