Hi everyone and welcome to our series of another best products you can gift this holiday season you can see our previous post as well for the same. So, today we gonna talk about some stuff for acoustic fans, so if you want to give a gift to someone who loves music then our list will surely help you to find the product that you need.

Wireless buds is really a need for music lover as they like to listen to music while traveling, workout and many other places so they need a more convenient way to listen to the music. So without further ado lets get started.

1. Google Pixel Buds ($159)


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Pixel Earbuds: Charging Case Included


Google Pixel Buds are an amazing wireless headphone, they are convenient and easy to use as well, you also get a carry case along with the buds which also works as a charger so you can listen up to 20 Hr of music as Pixel Buds give up to 4-5 Hr of music time in the single charger. Pixel Buds are most compatible with Pixel devices, it is easy to connect prompt appears on Pixel devices which seamlessly connect with this wireless buds to your Pixel device.

One amazing feature of Pixel Buds is the real-time translation by using that you can translate any language with the help of Pixel Buds and it will give voice feedback in your native language.

2. BeatsX ($99)

BeatsX Headphone
BeatsX Headphone

BeatsX has remarkable Apple W1 Chipset which makes this earphone smart as you can connect any Apple device using same Apple ID you don’t need to disconnect the earphone to listen from another device. Beats X has really good sound experience and battery life of this device is really amazing up to 8 Hr, it also supports fast charging. Bluetooth connectivity to this device is really amazing as it is using Class 1 Bluetooth which works seamlessly and without any interruption in sound quality.

3. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones ($129)

Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport

The sound quality of Bose is really amazing and you will enjoy this one as this device has amazing acoustics and easy ear holder that feels like nothing is in the ear. Bose SoundSport headphone can pair with NFC which is very fast and Bluetooth connectivity to this device is really amazing. Design of the headphone are amazing and it also features Sweat resistant design so no fear of rain and sweat. The device also includes an app which includes EQ setting with other device related things like battery life and more. Battery life of this device is around 6 Hr and gets Charge quickly also.

4. AirPods ($159)

Apple AirPods Is Comming "Over The Next Week" Said By Tim Cook
Apple AirPods Is Comming “Over The Next Week” Said By Tim Cook

AirPods are really a true wireless headphone available in the market it has the awesome smart features like Tapping Gesture, Music Stop when AirPods not in your ear and much more things which made this device a really amazing headphones. W1 Chip also increases its smartness as you can connect with any device you want, it will switch to other devices easily without unpair. AirPods comes with carrying Case which is small and easy to carry also AirPods battery life is around 4-5 Hr while along with carrying Case it will give around 24 Hr of battery life.

5. Samsung Gear IconX ($109)

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Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds: Ergonomic & Light Weighted

Gear IconX is small and amazing wireless headphones that have really nice grip and feel pretty awesome to wear. The sound quality of the device is good, Bluetooth connectivity is strong and seamless. The device also features a 4GB of internal memory so you don’t need to carry your phone along with the device, you can sync music from your phone and ready to go. The device is also Water Resistant so no need to fear rain or splashes while wearing. IconX comes along with charging case which can give up to 18 Hr of charge while the device itself gives around 4-5 Hr of life during single charge.

So here are the wireless buds you can give as a gift this holiday season,  hope you may like our list, thank you and stay connected.


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