#5 Best Gaming Laptop You Can Gift This Holiday Season: Hi Guys welcome to our series of article in which we suggest new gadgets that you can gift this holiday season your near and dear ones. Our previous article was about the best wireless speaker. Today we are here to give you suggestions about gaming world as if you want to gift something to a gamer this suggestion will surely help you.

This article is about Gaming laptop you can gift this holiday season as we will only suggest mid-range devices and we won’t go for the insane laptop so without further ado lets get started.

1. Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7000 Series ($1049.99)

The feature pack laptop you can expect it has all new Intel CPU 7th Gen KabyLake CPU, for gaming power, this device is powered with Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU which is good for mid-range gaming and run every game at medium setting at least. You can also configure for upgrade version for 128GB Flash Drive along with 16GB RAM.

2. Razor Blade 14 ($1799.99)

It might think that it is not possible that a device which has thin design have inbuilt gaming capability, this going to prove wrong with this product, as Razor has done something exceptional within the device. It has all the gaming feature that you want in gaming Laptop including Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU, Intel 7th Gen Core i7 Quad Core CPU, 4K Display, Full-RGB Keyboard and priced at only about $1800. Razor Blade is really an exceptional laptop in terms of all things that we compare about this device, it has many future features like support of VR, you can also connect Thunderbolt 3 Device like External GPU for more enhanced gaming.

3. Asus ROG Strix 15 ($1488)

Asus ROG series is especially gamers laptop as it builds really nice and ergonomics of the device is amazing. You can get Intel 7th Gen CPU with Quad Core i7, the device also includes Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. As this GPU can run almost every game in High setting and you can also experience VR in this device. It also includes 256GB of SSD, 6GB of RAM some additional feature also include RGB Keyboard, 120Hz Refresh Rate Display, and F-HD IPS panel.

4. Alienware 13R3 ($1799)

Alienware has really nice design pattern with new amazing lighting system on the trackpad. The device is compact and really filled with the powerful beast inside as it includes Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU for Graphics, it includes Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU for storage device include 512GB SSD drive along with 16GB of RAM. Display of the device has F-HD resolution along with IPS Panel. For gaming, this device is really amazing and capable of doing any task you throw at it.

5. Alienware 17 R4 ($2499)

This device is a really insane device in our list, it has Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU which is really benchmark device and capable of running any game at full setting possible. Price of the device is bit high but if you see the performance of this device you’ll surely start loving this device. The only negative thing about this laptop is its Battery life which drains fast but the hardware of this device is good to consider. Design of the device is really amazing and you’ll surely love it RGB lighting of the device.

Hope you may like this list of best gaming laptop you can gift this holiday. Will come soon with our next post for the best tech gifts, until then goodbye.


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