Hello again to the series of the best gift you can give this Holiday Season. Our last article was about best earbuds you can gift this holiday season you must read that one. Today we gonna discuss smart home speakers which feature Assistant so your work can become easier than ever.

Smart Speakers are now in great demands as they help us to do in many works and also entertain us. The speaker which we are going to discuss here will have only three domain of Assistant Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. ($79.99)

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Smart Speaker
Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo is best ever smart home speaker created as it is small and capable of doing all the main task like Amazon Echo. The second gen. Amazon Echo has now become more stylish than the original version and now you can swipe the outer skin to the different style. The speaker has far field microphone so your voice can be heard from any corner of the room without any issue. You can enjoy services like Amazon App, Amazon Music Apps and more service from apps maker, you can also ask some interesting things from Alexa and it will give you amazing response. Home control can be possible with this device as you can control your every smart product from this device.

2. Google Home Max ($399)

Google Home Max Smart Speaker
Google Home Max Smart Speaker

The price tag of this device is very hefty but this smart speaker may fill all your acoustic dream as it includes two speakers along with a woofer so listing music experience is far better than ever. Google Home Max come along with Google Assistant so all your smart things will be handled by it. Google Assistant can do any kind of stuff as first of all queries with Google result as you always need Google for each and everything so Google Assistant will make you work easier.

The sound quality of this device is really amazing as it will fill your room or at-least two room with comfortable sound. The speaker is small and it uses AI sound techniques to deliver the best quality of sound possible where it will place around your home.

3. Google Home Mini ($29)

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker
Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini is the basic smart home speaker which comes along with Assistant as it will help you give the response you ask for. It can also help to control all the smart product in your home, Google Home Mini design is small sleek and easy to carry along you can put this device anywhere you want in your home it will really suit their and do your work really easily.

4. Sonos One ($199)

Sonos One Smart Speaker
Sonos One Smart Speaker

Sonos One is Speaker which has wireless feature but it has also built in an assistant from Amazon Alexa. The device includes six microphones to pick up your voice. The sound quality of this device is best and you can connect multiple speakers with this speaker to listen to music from all speaker at ones. The device also works with Apple AirPlay feature so you can listen to song wirelessly with your iPhone.

5. Harman Kardon Invoke ($99)


Harmon Kardon Invoke Smart Speaker
Harman Kardon Invoke Smart Speaker

This speaker is also the best in its class and it’s stylish, sounds pretty good and also include touch control. You can also connect this device along with your PC to work with both devices simultaneously and seamlessly. The device can search, play music, give answers and much more.

So these are the smart speaker you can gift this holiday season so hope you may like this article and waiting for more thank you.


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