Wireless charging will be the future way of charging your smartphones and other electronic product but it still uses charging pad. Apple is working on a wireless method to charge your device without any wire and charging pad as they are working on this project from last year. A new patent application by Apple hints at RF-based long-range wireless charging, along with the lines of the Energous system which was recently granted FCC approval.

Wireless Charging For Future Devices
Wireless Charging For Future Devices

This patent solves the problem of long-range wireless charging. RF-based charging has two problems. As the distance from the charger increases the power also drops. While the second one is safety requirements limit the amount of power that can be transmitted in the first place.

So the final result of charging is that the amount of usable power available to devices will often be very limited, so what Apple’s patent proposes is a method of prioritizing which devices get charged in what order.

An online user account may be maintained on computing equipment in the system. The computing equipment may communicate with the electronic devices or power adapter over a communications network. The power adapter or other components in the system may gather information from the online account, from the electronic devices, and/or from the power adapter to use in identifying an optimum power transfer strategy for the power adapter to use in transferring power to each of the electronic devices. The optimum power transfer strategy may involve transmitting different amounts of power to different electronic devices.

The information that is used in identifying appropriate amounts of power to transmit to each of the electronic devices may include information such as user device charging priority settings, battery charge state information, device type information, usage history information, calendar information, and other information.

Apple Patent for wireless charging

All these stuff means that you will be able to tell the system to charge your iPhone before your iPad, for example. But the text suggests that more sophisticated tailoring may be possible, such as giving a device enough charge so it can hold about a day. As the path of wireless charging is too long to come in user’s hand but Apple is trying to bring this thing a reality. We’ll be taking a closer look at the whole area of RF-based charging in a future piece.


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