Welcome to another series of gift guide issue of this year, our last article in series is about the best streaming device you can gift this holiday season. Hope you may like our article about Gifts so today we gonna talk about the tablet you can gift to your loved ones.

As the tablet is best devices for any utility work like Editing, Drawing, Office Works, Study, Entertainment and much more. Tablets are small, thin and light you can carry away anywhere you want and work with the device without requiring too much space, the battery life of tablet are also pretty decent you probably get around a day of charge so that you can do whatever you want. So without further ado let get started,

Best Tablets You Can Gift This Holiday Season

1. Surface Pro 2017 ($1599)

Surface Pro 2017
Surface Pro 2017

Microsoft Surface device is a really best portable device you can touch and type as it can capable of doing every task you throw at it, the device is powered by Intel Core i7 7th Gen CPU while GPU of the device include Intel Iris Graphics 640 which is capable of editing 4K video and similar stuff pretty easily. The device has 256GB of SSD along with 8GB of RAM so every apps and task will work pretty fast and swift.

Windows 10 is really best OS capable of doing any work you throw at it, new updates like Creators update bring lots of refinements to Surface Pro and you’ll surely enjoy it.Keyboard and Pen come as separate accessories as you have to pay around $200 for both of these stuff, while you can also purchase Surface Dial which is good for editing apps.

2. iPad Pro 10.5 ($649)

Apple iPad Pro Tablet 10.5-inch
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 – inch Tablet

Apple iPad Pro is also best utility device as it also capable of doing much best stuff like Writing, Drawing, Office Works, Study or Entertainment this device won’t lag behind which task you throw at it. Apps catalog of iOS for iPad is very large and you can find an app for each and everything possible tough it will not comparable with Windows counterparts but app are really good.

The device includes Apple A10X Chipset which is really fast and fluid chipset it is capable of doing anything you throw at it multitasking, multi-windows and much more are now possible with iOS 11 update. The new interface of iOS 11 is made iPad really useful device new Docks which can hold your apps as much you want and works really flawless.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 ($549)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is best android tablet of 2017 as other android tablet maker in android brand, are not interested in Tablet like product so this may only lead product among selected device. Device has Snapdragon 835 CPU for powering the device as this processor is really fast and also do your work pretty easily. The memory of the device is around 4GB and Storage option starts from 32GB while you can also extend storage with the 256GB microSD card. The device also includes fast charging option so the device will charge fast as around 1-2 Hr and work around 12Hr. OS of the device is Android N as Android ecosystem has pretty less app for utility for tablets as because of the smaller consumer base and reduction of people the choice to opt Android tablets.

The device also comes along with Stylus which is good for writing and drawing while you can purchase extra Keyboard to make this device more productive.

4. ThinkPad X1 Tablet 2nd Gen. ($1439)

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tab
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tab

Lenovo ThinkPad series is best in class laptop series and now they get into tablet series ThinkPad X1 is a really good device as it runs full Windows 10 Pro OS you can run any app without any issue. The device has really utility things like Kick Stand for tablet mode so you can place a tablet in steady state, a device also has an inbuilt projector so your projector comes in a small package and it also has a keyboard which is sold separately. The device is powered by Intel Core i7 Processor with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD. The device includes Finger Print Sensor for Security and port selection is also awesome.

5. HP Spectre X2 ($1129)

HP Spectre X2
HP Tablet Spectre X2

This Windows tablet also features really good stuff inside as it includes Intel Core i7 7th Gen. CPU along with Intel 640 Iris Graphics. The device includes 12.3” IPS WLED Display which has a resolution about 3000×2000 which is way higher for a tablet device also include 8GB of RAM along with 256GB of SDD. Battery life of the device is around 8Hr after a full charge. The device also includes expansion slot up to 256GB.

So here is our recommendation for this holiday season hope you may like these products and we hope to deliver the best article possible next time Good Bye and stay connected.


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