Hello guys and welcome to our series of article about gifts you can gift this holiday season. The last article is about Best Gaming laptop you can gift, but today we gonna suggest you about streaming media device you can gift this holiday season.

As a streaming device is really must have thing if you have TV and you like entertainment App like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and much more are really amazing things you can watch on streaming device. So without further ado let get started,

1. Google Chromecast Ultra ($69)

Google Chromecast Ultra Feature
Google Chromecast Ultra Feature

This tiny device is really amazing media device as you can see 4K content in this device while if you have an HDR tv you can also enjoy those vivid color as experience will be better than ever before. This device is really small and easy to carry along with you but the worst part of this device is content streaming and playing is only run by Android or iOS smartphones or tablets as this device is only capable of doing streaming but you will really enjoy this one.

2. Amazon FireTV 2017 ($70)

Amazon Fire TV 2017 Support 4K
Amazon Fire TV 2017 Support 4K

Amazon Fire TV is small and really nice streaming media device as it has its interface which you can use to watch content on this device. Apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video really worth your time device is also powered by Amazon Alexa Capability so no need searching your content as Alexa is there for you. The device also supports 4K HDR content so you can enjoy really amazing details with this device, the device also comes along with Remote to walkthrough interface of the device.

3. Roku Ultra 2017 ($99.99)

Roku Ultra TV 4K 2017 Streaming Media Device
Roku Ultra TV 4K 2017 Streaming Media Device

The Ultra is Roku’s top of the line media streamer, packing 4K and HDR support and all of the company’s powerful and unique features into a single box. Device remote is capable of plug-in headphone jack so you can enjoy your content in great silence. Roku App Store has really amazing apps like Hulu, Netflix, VUDU, HBO NOW and much more you like it.

4. Apple TV 4K ($179.99)

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Apple TV 4K: Equipped With A10X Fusion Chip & New Siri Remote

Apple TV 4K is really amazing smart streaming device, as it can capable of doing everything you can expect from living room device you stream video from service like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and much more, you can also surf app like Shopping, Social and more like these while you can also play game on this device which is really amazing and Apple service is just amazing. Device is powered with Apple tvOS which make this device far more smarter than our previous listed device, App Store has around 1000 Apps for specifically for TV and Siri integration to entire interface made surfing content easier than before.

5. Nvidia Shield TV 2017 ($199)

Nvidia Shield TV 4K Support Android OS
Nvidia Shield TV 4K Support Android OS

This device also features some smart feature like Android TV OS which has an app store so you can download apps and games. The device is capable of showing 4K content along with HDR device is fast and easy to control, you also get a handheld controller along this device. Play Store give many apps option like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and much more. Design of the device is really amazing and you’ll surely love this device while using.

So here is our list of best media streaming device you can gift this holiday season hope you may like it. Thank you for reading and see you next year and Happy New Year.


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