As New Year has finally come Tech will also get some new updates from this year as the world biggest tech show consumer electronics show (CES) is going to start within a week and companies are ready to unveil their product to show publicly. Event will start from 8 Jan to 12 Jan in Las Vegas.

This event always happens after the new year and people see which technology will come during the current year. Companies like Samsung, Sony, LG and many other giants and some other big companies hold some announcement event in which they unveil their new products.

Technology Expo CES 2018 Soon Getting Starting

With so many technologies to cover this from smart homes to the smartphone, from smart devices to VR/AR or Smart Cars. Connectivity will become the necessity for future need as all products may control by any assistant or your smart devices like Tablet or Smart Phones.

Smart Home

SmartHome section is dominated by big giants like Samsung, LG or many other companies which brands which brings products like smart fridge, washing machine, smart locks and much more. Samsung also focuses to bring Bixby enabled device so they both work flawlessly and Samsung user will get more integration than ever.

Smart Products are expected to release in CES 2018
Smart Products are expected to release in CES 2018

Smart Home also has to include the smart home speaker as this industry is ruled by Amazon’s Alexa Speaker and Google Home. Google has recently introduced Google Home Max in Pixel event, Google will be entering in this event first time so we are excited to see which technology Google may bring this year.

From the world of Apple, we may see more HomeKit enabled device so Apple home will get more device. HomeKit has the best integration with an iOS device so you can control all your home device seamlessly. HomeKit device has included many new device like Smart Speaker which will power with Siri which is obviously Siri Smart Speaker, while other products include smart fans, smart lights, Apple TV, smart purifier and much more.

Smart Speakers

2017 was the year we have seen many companies tries to bring their smart speakers to market as an assistant like Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa has ruled the market already. While 2018 will follow the same trend of smart speakers while some new companies may enter this marker and we may see much more innovation to the static speaker.

LG IOT Devices Launching In CES 2018
LG IOT Devices Launching In CES 2018


As the main brand like Microsoft, Facebook or Apple may this event but still, some company may bring fun to this show as Google and other small companies may bring some new feature or addition to VR. As the pace of VR may slow, because the utility of this technology has not been too much as AR has become more center spot of the tech industry and giants like Apple or Google has released their AR Kit in which developer can develop AR apps very easily which make production pace faster than ever.

VR Expectation At CES 2018
VR Expectation At CES 2018

Qualcomm also shows their step ahead for VR last year as they also bring Snapdragon 835 dev kit and has already brought some high profile partners on board for standalone VR headsets, including most notably, Oculus’s Go, which made its debut back in October.


Wearables pace also become slow last year as companies like Apple smartwatch which become most profitable, other companies like Fitbit or Garmin take a step backward. Samsung Galaxy Gear device also gain some remarkable success. Companies like LG or Moto has vanished from last year and Android Wear also losing market share.

Wearables In 2018 At CES
Wearables In 2018 At CES


This section has always been fans and people favorite as companies like Samsung and LG have already had trend to show their next upcoming device. LG may bring G7 this with all same technology and along with dual camera and iris or face unlock feature. While Samsung still not ready to unveil their Galaxy S9 as they wait to unveil in Mar or April after MCW 2018. As all smartphone release, this year will include Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Samsung Galaxy Sneak Peek At CES 2018
Samsung Galaxy Sneak Peek At CES 2018

Sony may also have some little announcement for this year, while Huawei also makes some model enter the market. Other major tech enhancement may lead to the 5G smartphone as this year 5G smartphone may become reality as 2018-2020 people will start using 5G as their day to day life.


Other major announcements we may see in the world to smart cars. TV also become more insanely big in terms resolution as 4K or 8K TV will rule the CES event from LG and SamsunThe foldable display also become more standard for this event.

So here is the expectation which we gonna expect in this event hope you may like and don’t forget to subscribe us. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For Details of the event, you can visit CES official website CES 2018.

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