da Vinci Nano : 3D Printer has really a good machine to print out your imagination and to bring into reality. As their cost is very high which not let the common people get there hand on these type of devices to solve this issue da Vinci Nano, XYZprinting has said that they have lowered the two barriers that have slowed 3D printer expansion to the user: Price and easy to use.

Cheap & Best 3D Printer With Many Smart Features

As this device is only cost about $229 which is really a good price for this type of printer and as we compared to some normal printer counterpart this device has really best to offer. This device is portable and single color 3D printer. It has features like auto calibration and an auto feeding filament system that is made for simple setup. The Nano is fully enclosed, too to protect you from high head levels while printing 3D object inside the printer you can print unto 4.7-inch of an object inside the device.

The company had earlier announce the Nano version at CES 2017 but it never made it to the market. But this year at CES 2018 company has revamped their product and bring new enhancements and improvement such as a mobile app with the option to wirelessly print from a tablet and smartphones. It will be bundled with some starter kit software and available in the option of educational materials for home and school users.

For the younger gen to increase their interest in 3D printing, XYZprinting has announced a $45 da Vinci Pen cool. This device will let your little one show their power of imagination. da Vinci Color AiO the streamlined product of this range has priced around $3,999 will full-color support, fused filament fabrication (FFF) desktop 3D printer with full-color scanning made for small businesses. The device is expected to release in mid-2018. So in future, we may see more imagination come to life with this kind of products.

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