At CES 2018, LG Display will go to show off it’s 65-inch rollable OLED display which will have UHD 4K resolution. Before the LG Display, other companies have also come with the concept of the foldable display but that was limited to the only bend, but this one of LG’s OLED display is flexible at the extent to fold into a tube form.

It is not the first time when LG Display is going to show its rollable display, at CES 2016 LH had shown an 18-inch OLED rollable display and it did not have even full HD display but and now this time this concept will be seen in the bigger size (65-inch) and 4K resolution as well. The TVs in bigger size always give better visual experience to the users with the Ultra High Definition mode. The 18-inch OLED display was get rolled tightly into cone shape that was supported by a black stand

This rollable display will be satisfactory for easy storage when not in use and transportation. Those who just do not want that the TV would occupy extra space in their living room than this rollable LG Display is better as it will be rolled up and allow to hide when the user does not want to see it. For more information about this display, we have to wait till the CES 2018 get started.

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