802.11 ax Wi-Fi Standard At CES 2018
802.11 ax Wi-Fi Standard At CES 2018

In this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, The Wi-Fi Alliance is coming with its next generation of Wi-fi known as 802.11ax. This latest generation of Wi-fi is expecting to be faster and to have improved performance on connecting with various devices including many mobile phones, tablets, and other smart gadgets.

After the announcement of Intel’s this week that it will make the chip for the next generation wi-fi – 802.11ax and it will be available for the routers and “consumer retail devices” this year. The Wi-Fi Alliance has also told that the 802.11ax will not be going to become major part until 2019. The certification of the product will only start in next year so most of the companies will wait for the certification for final standards that will set. However, some of the companies such as Asus are going to release Wi-Fi product before the certification.

With the next generation Wi-Fi, the phone calls over the internet will become more efficient and the users will face less problem. The vice president for the Wi-Fi Alliance Kevin Robinson has said that there are already more than Eight devices in the average US home that uses Wi-Fi. The upcoming Wi-Fi 802.11ax are majorly focused to enhance the overall capacity of the network.

Robinson further added that “the currently available Wi-Fi 802.11ac have features that enable to share out the network capacity between different devices but the latest 802.11ax will have more enhanced features to make the device more useful.

As we all know the Wi-Fi has become one of the most important parts of our lives that can connect with personal computers, video game consoles, phones and tablets, digital cameras, smart TVs, digital audio players and modern printers. Nowadays the number of Wi-Fi enabled devices are increasing in homes and workplaces so hoping that the new 802.11ax standard will gain more space in the market.

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