Here at CES things becoming really insane as products like TV, Cars has become more interesting and bigger than before, they got the sense and much more. As TV has become gigantic and companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony showing what big screen is capable as a new display technology like OLED, Micro LED is coming to the market so our future TV experience will be richer than ever.

“Micro” LED is kind of a misleading name, because this new TV technology from Samsung can create truly gigantic screens. The name of the TV itself called what really it means “The Wall”. MicroLED technology is based on Samsung’s Cinema Screen technology, which is designed for movie theaters. The Wall is insanely big display as it measures 146 inches diagonally which really mean big. But it does not stop there as Samsung will make this thing even bigger as their other range of products along with this series.

But the technology won’t stop there as Samsung made this TV a really dynamic TV as you can use this TV as the modular device. According to Samsung “User can remove or add modules to make their TV bigger or smaller, in any configuration, removing previous limitations on screen size as Samsung also assure that the performance of TV won’t affect any bit.

Unlking previous technology like LCD or LED which uses Liquid Crystal or Light Emitting Diode, Micro LED uses an array of millions of individual, tiny LEDs to create the image. It’s very similar to the technology used in scoreboards and jumbo screens but scaled for home use. As this kind of concept will work on a big house so you can attach the TV edge to edge with Wall or ceiling height.

MicroLED has the great advantage over the LED, OLED or LCD as it provides much more contrast, the brightness of the display is around 2000 nits which is really amazing. When you watch HDR source, the color really look pop and amazing.

So how much you like this TV and what do you think about it. Price and availability of this product are not announced yet.

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