Google and its partners revealed its four new smart displays on Monday at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. These smart displays are made by Sony, Samsung owned JBL, Lg, and Lenovo.These smart displays are capable of performing many tasks including to play music, operate connected lights, video calls, play YouTube videos, display photos over voice command.


      Google’s New Smart Speakers At CES 2018

For the rival Amazon, Google has brought direct challenge as the Amazon came in markets with its first touchscreen Echo show with Alexa back to the last year. The Google now unveiled this type of gadgets that will give competition to the Amazon. Previously Google has launched its own Google Home Speaker against Amazon’s Echo, However that speaker does not have display feature but the companies taking step ahead in marketplace with added features in their devices to make it more useful for the users and it is very clearly said by the vice – president of Google assistant Scott Huffman, he said “there are also moments when a screen would make the assistant even more useful, like when you need to learn how to cut a Pineapple”. Well, we can say that this smart display feature is going to prove very successful in Kitchen as well apart from doing many helpful tasks at home.


Despite being helpful in our daily tasks at home, these smart display will also face many challenges as it will have a tough competition with Amazon which is currently leading the market of voice assisting devices while Google Home speakers are on the second position. Google has to work hard in order to gain consumers.

After the successful launching of the speakers, now the companies are moving towards the touchscreen smart displays that will perform tasks over voice command so that for users lot of things are available to do on their smart devices at home.

Google has to also ensure that the smart display should not show resemblance to any tablet placing in a corner, the company has to pay attention to making it completely different product category. These smart displays will need to be plugged in all time in order to listen to the command “Hey Google” or “OK Google” by its microphone.

Privacy is one of the most concerned issues in all the gadgets, and it is well kept in mind during the manufacturing of these smart displays, Lenovo has added a mute switch to its device that cuts power to them.icrophone and switches to physically block the Smart Display’s camera.


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