At CES 2018, where many companies announced its innovations in technologies, now a new kind of product is announced by AEE, named as selfly drone smartphone case. This smartphone case can fly to take the selfie just like a drone and the good thing about this case is that it does not require your phone while lying, meaning that this smartphone case will not take your smartphone above the ground.

Smartphone Case Converts Into Drone

This mini-drone gets fold into the back of the phone case and has the camera for taking your awesome pictures and video recording in 1080P and 60fps. It is a thin drone having measurements about half of an inch. As it does not need your phone at all while taking pictures, to make it work you just need to remove your smartphone from the case and just take it to the appropriate height from which you want to click pictures according to your choice of angle and height and on giving command by user from the available smartphone app, it will simply click your pictures. By using the Selfly, the users will be capable to take a lot of pictures from distance or from tight spaces as well.

This mini-drone have compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones and has the range of 45 feet. this Selfly also have separate charging hub that means it will not use the battery phone to charge and one single charge will it will flight for 4 minutes.

After seeing this case, we can say it is a great innovation in drone technology at very inexpensive cost as it will be available at cost of $130 from the first quarter of this year.


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