Intel Would Be Sole Supplier Of Modem In 2018 iPhone: KGI: For the upcoming iPhones in 2018, Apple will completely rely on Intel’s baseband chip as according to the latest report from KGI. Ming-Chi Kuo the KGI analyst predicted earlier that in iPhones lineups for 2018, Apple may switch to Intel completely instead of Qualcomm supplier.


   Intel To Be Sole Supplier Of Modem In 2018 iPhones

Since back to few years, Apple was used Qualcomm and Intel Chipset for its iPhone models. Qualcomm was the one that supplied major percent of the chip to the Apple for iPhones but in this year the Tech Giant has completely ditched the Qualcomm for supplying of the chip.

The chip that will be used in upcoming iPhone models may support CDMA2000 and dual sim and dual standby (DSDS) which will lead to the positive market for the next-gen iPhone models. However, it was not clear that iPhone launches in 2018 will have double sim slot or not. KGI added that the Intel’s chip will be able to fulfill technical requirements to iPhone at the fairly good price.

KGI also points out that the Intel’s chipset may not be able to provide 5G networking earlier than Qualcomm that may be challenging for Apple.

Apart from Kuo, there are several other reports that claimed the Qualcomm will no longer be part of chip supplier for the iPhone to Apple in future. There are also report that suggested Apple and Intel are trying to design 5G modem for future iPhone models.






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