Google I/O 2018: Expecting Announcements By Google: Like every year, Google is all set to host its annual developer conference in the month of May this year. It is not needed to mention that Google is one of the top technology company which leads in Search engine service, have come with the Android operating system for mobile and also make hardware devices have buckets of information about the product and software that may launch by the company this year.


This year Google I/O will start from May 8th at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. It is expecting that new Android and Google Artificial Intelligent services will be announced at the event. Apart from that new wearable devices, Google Assistant that will support Android TV, Google Home, Google Play and Google Search may also announce.  We are here sharing some of the information related to the product that may announce at the event.

Google Assistant

Google assistant that supports the Google’s smart speaker was got updation at last year’s Google I/O and received new features including hands-free calling, Proactive assistance, Spotify, and SoundCloud and many more. Google Assistant is the biggest competitor for Amazon’s Alexa and to some extent for Apple’s Siri also. Google has also launched two more Google Home Speakers recently named Home Max and Home Mini. It is expecting that this year Google may announce new features to its Google Assistant to make it more user-friendly.

Android P                                                                                                                                 

Google is going to launch its latest Android version named as Android P at Google I/O. After the Android Oreo that was released last year, Android P will be focused on Interface design improvement.

Latest Android P Version

The first preview of  Android P developer was launched in the month of March and now it is expecting that at Google I/O public beta will launch. With the launch of Android P, privacy settings will become more advanced for the users. Along with an improvement in privacy settings, the usability of menus, docks setting screens will also become better.


Android TV

An Android TV player that can be able to control by voice is expecting to be announced at Google I/O. last year Google had released an Android O version redesign home screen, and now this year it is rumored that Google will bring a new 4K Chromecast like Android TV dongle that may have TV interface and a remote with Google Assistant button and a Logo “G”. Some news also supports that the dongle will use HDMI 2.0 for the connection to the TV set.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the software that can identify objects and understand the world to improve the

Google products service. Google Assistant based products and the Google lens already started to work with this Artificial Intelligence

Wear OS

This year Google I/O will open its box of wearable technologies by the name given as Wear OS after renaming the Android wear that was launched four years back. So it means that we will not hear anything like Android wear as all the currently available wearable devices and upcoming wearables will only be known by name Wear OS.


Wear OS

A new slogan “Make every minute matter” associated with the smartwatch software also introduce. Along with the Android P preview, Latest Wear OS software has also been introduced with improvement in battery life and with a dark mode user interface system. Google also announced updates for Wear OS to make it more compatible with Google Assistant feature.


Along with all these announcements that mention above, Google may have more announcements for this year’s event.


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