Next Gen. Apple iOS Device May Support USB-C

Apple USB-C Connector In 2019 iOS Devices
Apple USB-C Connector In 2019 iOS Devices

Next-gen Apple product might feature USB-C as expected later this year. Apple will ship Lighting -> USB-C cable with the 18W adapter which means next iOS devices will feature fast charging out of the box and you don’t need to purchase any other stuff to do that. This transition requires some time but when it will complete Apple will compete with their rivals which feature fast charging from year’s, this transition also provide benefit for the customer as they don’t have to buy extra accessories for fast charging feature.

DigiTimes reports that next year  Apple will add USB-C ports to the iPhone itself. This would be a major shift for the product line and would presumably be the beginning of the end for Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector. Apple has introduced iPod’s 30-pin dock connector in 2007’s iPhone and kept the port through 2012 until the iPhone 4s, then they launched Lighting port from iPhone 5 and until now. This transition requires greater time as many Apple third parties vendor require time to upgrade their product to support Apple devices now Lightning connector is so common and you’ll find everywhere you go. But the latest shift toward USB-C in 2019 which means Lightning connector having a lifespan of seven years.

USB-C now become industry standard, a wide range of ecosystem has been already adopted USB-C. Apple also pushes charging toward Inductive charging but it still requires time to show its capability as recent 7.5-W wireless charging takes about 5-6 Hour to full charge iPhone 8 so you can think how much improvement will require in this sector. While Apple new AirPower still not able to manage release date.

USB-C adoption will make Mac user more happy as all Mac devices now support USB-C either iMac or MacBook’s. USB-C also help to leverage the big potential of iPad as it helps to make iPad really a power-full PC and also support many common PC accessories.

Will Apple include USB-C or Not? We will have the answer when next-gen Apple product will start to revel as expected that Apple will release their next gen. iPhone in September. Let’s hope Apple will bring something universal to its platform. This time Apple will launch 3 iPhone model and all these device will be bundle with 18W charger.


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