Apple WWDC developer event shows developer a new way to bring their app to live with the more new feature as Apple update all their software line. Apple TV also get its software successor tvOS 12 as we haven’t seen much-expected changes in tvOS which really offer a nice improvement to tvOS but some little bit changes also help to user TV experience to next level.

So let see what Apple has to offer in our living room

Support Dolby Atmos

Apple TV Now Support Dolby Atmos and Vision
Apple TV Now Support Dolby Atmos and Vision

Dolby is an industry leader in sound experience and now they deliver their amazing sound experience to your living room, as Apple TV now bring Dolby Atmos native support as you’ll require Atmos certified speaker for really gaining this experience. Apple TV has already support Dolby Vision which brings your viewing experience to another level.

Dolby Atmos Experience On Apple TV
Dolby Atmos Experience On Apple TV

Apple also supports Dolby Atmos and Vision movies now onward and also your purchase movie will automatically convert to support this feature without any cost.

So it really exciting to experience a new cinematic experience in your living room it is really amazing.

More Live TV Support Providers

New Live TV Providers tvOS 12
New Live TV Providers tvOS 12

Apple has joined many Live TV Vendor in countries like France (CANAL+), Switzerland (Salt) and US (Charter Spectrum) these Live TV help to bring the Live TV to your Apple TV. Live TV in Apple TV may help you to replace your OLD VCR or Line Cable.

Zero Sign In

Zero Sign On tvOS 12
Zero Sign-On tvOS 12

Apple brings Zero Sign Into all your service at once with Zero Sign In as when you log into your Apple TV account your ID automatically detect your app and Sign In hassle-free without any issue.

Small Changes

Apple TV Screen Saver now show the location of the place with a panoramic view and also include a new earth view.

Apple TV App on iOS also gets some update as you see your subscription and favorite show suggestion on the go while you can control within the app itself.

iTunes has now become the largest 4K HDR movies library.

iTunes Now Become Largest 4K HDR Movie Library
iTunes Now Become Largest 4K HDR Movie Library

Apple tvOS 12 will support Apple TV 4th Gen. and Apple TV 4K and update will be available this fall.

So here are some changes that Apple being to Apple TV this as many other changes like Picture In Picture mode not able to make in Apple TV. So how do you feel about these update mentioned in the comment section below.


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