iPhone XR
iPhone XR

Apple event hangover is finally getting over as Apple newest iPhone has arrived in consumers hands and people start loving it. But one of the most demanding and cheaper iPhone in terms of Apple is still struggling in its manufacturing phase. 

As nowadays it has been quite always, Apple shows their products before producing for masses which create mess among public and Apple, as they failed to deliver the product on time as we have seen in past years with Apple Airpods, iMac Pro and AirPower which haven’t quite made out of a concept. 

iPhone XR once again hit a hurdle during its production plans as their one suppliers ran into manufacturing issues with the new phone, due to go on sale on October 26. Apple generally uses Foxconn for the bulk of its flagship iPhone assembly, with Pegatron used more for secondary models. The company is said to have originally planned to have originally planned to have Pegatron produce 50-60% of iPhone XR units so that Foxconn could focus on the iPhone XS and XS Max production.

DigiTimes cites an Economic Daily news report stating that Apple has now had to change these plans as Pegatron Struggled to hit production targets.

Apple has recently lowered the portion of the iPhone XR orders dedicated to Pegatron to below 30% while ramping up those to Foxconn substantially, said the report, which added that Pegatron’s production has been affected by a lower-than-expected yield rate and shortages of workers at its plants in China.

This all things were caused due to the technical difficult manufactures face during the production of XR over a premium model. As XR has an edge to edge display with LCD which is really a technical stuff, as this also hurdles Japan Display whose making XR display also facing difficulty to maintain a steady supply of the screens.

As iPhone XR has become more sweet spot in mind of a user as it shares many common features with its premium counterparts with $250 less. While XS user are shifting their mind toward XS Max as it has a bigger display and More battery life. As there is yet no confirmation about a delay in the release of iPhone XR as it will still make its way to a user on 26th October.


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