Apple newest iPhone’s is covering all around the internet people are testing its rigidity, its performance, and internals. While newest iPhone is the costliest smartphone which costs around $1500 for iPhone XS Max 512GB model. While the cost of making iPhone is much as compared with manufacturing costs but Apple has to keep some margin to earn for their future developments and advertising iPhone all around the world. 

A recent article shared by TechInsights cost for making iPhone XS Max 256 GB model is around $443. While manufacturing cost for iPhone 64GB model is $50 less expensive around $395.44.

During teardown of iPhone XS Max TechInsights suggest the most expensive components in the is a display of iPhone which costs $80.50, while the second most expensive part is Apple A12 Bionic chipset which costs $72.

Storage of iPhone is priced at $64 which is a third most expensive component, while other expensive parts include $44 and the housing and mechanical components at $55.

The iPhone XS Max hosing, display, battery, and memory are most expensive part of iPhone which is more expensive last’s year iPhone X this all due because of larger iPhone size 6.5-inch. 

Apple iPhone XS Max Part Cost
Apple iPhone XS Max Part Cost

According to TechInsights, Apple cut down some cost in the display of iPhone XS Max removing some 3D components which were previously included in iPhone X. This may happen because Apple has got new ways to adapt 3D Touch technology without using those components as removing some components won’t affect 3D Touch performance of iPhone anyhow. 

Apple is charging $100 more for iPhone XS Max as compared to iPhone X which was priced at $999. 

While the raw cost of components won’t tell us the whole story of iPhone as Apple have other expenses like research for future iPhone, shipping cost when selling iPhone all around the world, software creation, advertising and much more.

TechInsights itself warns that its cost estimates are compiled using the information available at the time of the initial teardown, with “some assumptions” made where concrete data is not yet available. The company plans to continue to refine its estimate over time. 

Talking about last year iPhone X which was estimated at $357.50 while the number no grow around $40 more for larger iPhone. 

While these are the estimated cost for iPhone XS Max and we don’t have an accurate cost of the parts and Apple’s supplier pricing list as how much money Apple invested to purchase these products. 


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