Apple Watch Series 4, was launched last week and it really packed with much good stuff inside. This is the first time Apple changes the design of Apple Watch Series 4 completely as it doesn’t get a full makeover but some cosmetic changes here and there. Apple increased the display of Series 4 for around 30%, which made the screen really amazing and more usable as Apple added new Watch faces like new Infographic, Modular Watch face and more. Apple also gives Apps some room to innovate to a tiny screen. 

But these are the things you can see from outside but the main matter of this article is Apple new Dual Core S4 Chip which is the first smartwatch chip to add 64Bit processor, and we have to admit it, that it is insanely fast even apps loading doesn’t take more than a blink. Such speed add more functionality to watch as a developer can put more advance feature to watch and made it super productive than we think of.

Apple Watch Series 4 Side by Side With Series 3
Apple Watch Series 4 Side by Side With Series 3

Apple really comes too far in smartwatch business as Apple Watch is the world best smartwatch and also watch as compared to most analog brands. Apple Watch really adds Apple’s a new scope as it becoming send most profitable product for Apple after iPhone.

Talking about the chip the fourth gen. Dual-core 64bit Silicon in Package or SIP chip in the Apple Watch is twice as fast as the previous gen. S3 Chip. Its improved efficiency and speed allow Apple Watch Series 4 to give around 6 Hour of Workout time, Calculating ECG with Watch and Battery Life for more than 1 days.

Booting speed of Watch Series 4 become fast as it takes around a min to become fully functional, Opening apps and Siri commands work perfectly and really fast. Booting on previous Apple Watches takes more than 2 min as Series 3 takes 2 min, Series 2 takes 4 min and Series 1 and 0 takes around 5-6 min. This speed first signs when you wear the Series 4 there are much more which really makes things faster.

Opening Apps is become blazing fast as third parties apps open without any loading screen as it looks like Apple own apps. Opening maps navigating to direction is really become fast, listing to music from Apple Music with a cellular connection is really amazing and become fast too, Giving Siri commands and Siri respond time also become flash.

Series 4 shows very high potential in terms of speed which made developers think what they could do to make use of Apple Watch Series 4. As Apple added Cellular connectivity to Apple Watch in Series 3 this year it becomes better. A developer can think of Apple Watch Series 4 as the standalone device rather than an iPhone companion device.  

Apple Watch Series 4 shows an amazing difference when you come from the previous gen. like Series 2 or Series 1. So what’ll you think about new Apple Watch Series 4 speed and do like to try this new Watch? 


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