Apple’s iPad event hasn’t seen the much green signal as we haven’t heard much about it, but as we are getting an end of this month we are getting a clear picture of iPad. Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro could be the thinnest Apple device yet created.

Yes after comparing with iPhone and previous iPads, 2018 iPad Pro will surely blow your mind in terms of slim. As it is expected that it just measures about 5.9mm thick, based on details shared by a leaker on Twitter who previously provided accurate details on the iPhone XS and XR ahead of launch.

iPad Pro 2018 Dimension Leaks
iPad Pro 2018 Dimension Leaks

According to this upcoming iPad will measure just 5.9mm and due to this fact that Apple may remove headphone jack. As this might be Apple’s poorest way to remove headphone jack as they remove headphone jack from iPhone because there is no room to remove headphone jack as this device has much space to pack much hardware without any issue but making device slimmer to remove headphone jack hasn’t created much attraction.

The 5.9mm estimate matches up with alleged iPad Pro dimensions shared yesterday on Slashleaks, which suggested the new iPad Pro would measure 5.86mm thick.

iPad Pro 2018 Design and Features Leaks
iPad Pro 2018 Design and Features Leaks

Current gen iPad Pro model has 6.1mm thick for a 10.5-inch model so it makes sense that a new model will be slimmer. While the bigger model iPad Pro 12.9-inch features 6.9mm thick which matches near iPhone thickness.

The iPad Pro dimensions shared on Slashleaks yesterday suggest the smaller iPad Pro will be 7 inches wide (178.52mm) and 9.7 inches tall (247.64mm), while the larger model will be 8.5 inches wide (215mm) and 11 inches tall (280.66mm). 

iPad Pro 2018 13 Inch Design Leaks
iPad Pro 2018 13 Inch Design Leaks

We’ve seen similar dimension estimates in earlier rumors from Japanese site Mac Otakara, suggesting the smaller iPad Pro will measure in at 247.5mm tall, 178.7mm wide and 6mm thick, while the larger model will measure 280mm tall, 215mm wide, and 6.4mm thick. 

Compare these dimension with current gen iPad Pro 10.5-inch measures 174.1mm wide, 250.6mm tall while the bigger one measures in at 220.6mm wide and 305.7mm tall. As Apple will surely make these devices to have fewer bezels as the bezels will be right around 6mm at the top, bottom and sides, with 7.2mm measurement on the Slashleaks document, perhaps referring to bezel thickness with side button included.

Apple has plans to end the home button era of the devices as they started this journey last year from iPhone X and now they gonna remove it from iPad. As removing the home button will create an option for FaceID as iPad Pro will get TrueDepth camera system.

Coming back on the topic headphone jack rumor is not heard for the first time as back in July Mac Otakara also said the upcoming iPad model will have not the headphone jack. 

iPad Pro 2018 Case Maker Diagram Leaks
iPad Pro 2018 Case Maker Diagram Leaks

There is more information about the smart connector as it will be present on the back side of the iPad according to data revealed by the case maker. As this position hasn’t seen much appropriate for a smart connector but hopes Apple will place it a much better place.

So this is we know about upcoming iPad Pro as we don’t get clear release date time but hope that Apple will make an announcement in the late of October. So what do you expect with Apple’s Latest Event mention on the comment section below?

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