Apple iPhone rumors are getting more exciting as next gen. iPhone will have more dependency on Apple future. Apple should stop and think for a while to understand smartphone market as other competitor now makes better smartphone than iPhone. Apple sales declining in many smartphone growing countries like China or India. So these things will mend Apple executive minds towards better approach to Apple product.

2019 iPhone Leaks And Rumor
2019 iPhone Leaks And Rumor

iPhone 2019 will be a up gradation over iPhone recent gen iPhone as iPhone XS is spec up version of iPhone X, as Apple Tic Tock model have completed their duration this time for adapt future design. Recent leaks and rumors are suggesting that Apple will make some noticeable changes to iPhone. So let see what are these changes and how Apple will able to make an iPhone that really compete with rivals smartphones. 

Triple Camera

Apple adopted Dual Camera system from iPhone 7 in which they bring a feature like Telescopic Shot which makes optical zoom possible up to 2X, it also adds Bokeh feature which now becomes common in a recent smartphone but Bokeh in iPhone still really stands out. 

Next gen iPhone will feature a Triple Camera Setup according to recent leaks. Triple Camera will be recent trend in 2019’s flagship smartphone including recently coming Samsung’s Galaxy S10, Xiaomi Mi 9 and many other smartphones follows. There are various implementation of 3 Camera system like it may provide better Optical Zoom up to 10X or it may be macro lens which helps to capture nearby shot in piece of art. There are many possibility about the Triple Camera system.


USB-C In 2019 iPhone Leaks
USB-C In 2019 iPhone Leaks

After launching iPad Pro 11’ Apple feature USB-C for Charging and Syncing this feature really appreciable for iPad Pro even for it hefty price tag. People are expecting that Apple may release USB-C iPhone this time as USB-C become industry standard and also become more reliable like MacBook which can Charge, Sync and Interface through a single USB-C port. Many smartphone from other manufacturers are already feature USB-C. Adding USB-C may help Apple to make Fast Charging even more faster like iPad Pro 11’. 

Bigger Battery

iPhone always have lower battery capacity as compared to their competitors, as recent gen iPhone have around 2600 mAh of battery which is much lower to compared with competitors 4000 mAh battery. Apple does this because they have control over their chipset and OS which help then to reduce battery usage in each and every task we perform form our Smartphone. Rumors are suggesting that Apple may bring higher battery capacity to iPhone which is around 4000mAh

Faster Charging 

Charging on iPhone and their charger are really outdated as competition provide charging 0-100% for around 1 – 1 1/2 hour iPhone takes around 2-3 hours charging time when charge from Fast Charger depending up on model. Apple has to increase their charging time so that they can match competitors. Faster wireless charging is also necessary as smarthome also taking place which made possibility for smart furniture which feature wireless charging spot so faster wireless charging will help user to charge pretty easily.


iPhone 2019 5G Modem Rumor
iPhone 2019 5G Modem Rumor

5G is one of the necessary technology that 2019 flagship smartphones needed as this technology still require time to reach to the masses many companies yet not decided their smartphone to equipped with 5G as recent Galaxy S10 which is going to be announce tomorrow yet not confirmed to have 5G modem or not. 5G opens many possibility for user to connect to the world as Self Driving Car becomes reality, Fast Internet Speed and much more. 

After legal battle with Qualcomm around the globe Apple has decided to bring their own modem as recently they are taking modems from Intel but Intel’s modem are not able to match Qualcomm speed or efficiency. So Apple is putting their money toward 5G modem which could be see upcoming iPhones.

So these are the feature Apple surely require to stand alongside with their competitor. If you know more feature that help Apple to stand along the competition please help us know in comment section. 


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