Apple iPhone has become not much-anticipated smartphone of the year as time passes by as the other manufacturers are taking its place and building a better smartphone in terms of design, performance, and endurance (battery life). Apple is trying to build their own components for next gen. iPhone like Cellular Modem which helps them to drop legal battle against Qualcomm.

Apple A12 Bionic is one of the fastest smartphone chipsets in the world, as this chipset powers Apple recent gen smartphones like iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. After the introduction of A12X Bionic in iPad Pro 11’, Apple broke all the records in the benchmark and make the industry-leading chipset. But Apple has to make more chipset improvement so they can be ahead in the competition more.

Apple chipmaker TSMC will announce that next-gen architecture for the 2020 iPhone as they reach to a 5nm manufacturing process, according to industry sources cited in a DigiTimes report.

5nm will the end of miniaturization of the chipset as according to Moore’s law. TSMC has recently confirmed that it plans to invest $25 billion towards volume production of 5nm chips by 2020, and recent report back expectation that those chips are likely headed for Apple’s smartphones next year.

The smartphone market has come to its saturation as people around the world are having phones or smartphones for connectivity this leads poor business for the manufacturers. TSMC claimed it is making progress in the development of sub-7nm process technologies with plans to move a newer 5nm EUV process to volume production by 2020 well on track.

TSMC has been a major supplier for iPhone since iPhone 7 after Apple’s set back from Samsung they produce A10 Fusion chip which features in iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and continuing building A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic chipset.

Apple A13 chipset which is likely to feature in 2019 iPhone will be based on 7nm process, but it is expected to be the first chip to use extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV), which allows for a more microscopic chip layering process.

TSMC has really made its reputation of making chipset around the world and fulfilling Apple demand is not enough but TSMC somehow to manage it, which make TSMC attraction for other companies wanted to build their chipset or other parts.

The Next-gen chipset will help our device to run faster, perform better and become more energy efficient. So let see how these new chipsets will impact on next iPhone.


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