As foldable smartphone become future compatible now Apple also tries to get in  this domain as recent approach from Apple give clear indication about future of iPhone. As Samsung offers flexible display for Google and Apple so they can produce new smartphone from this product. 

With foldable smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei, creates a new lucrative market for future smartphone product. As Foldable smartphone fulfills both tablet and smartphone this new category of device really have something new to offer. Apple is seeing this new domain of devices so that they can capture some other product rather than depending upon iPhones sales. 

Apple has recently patented a new foldable design iPhone which really looks amazing but we have look real product how Apple will approach this. One innovation in particular that Apple could be holding out for is foldable glass. Early folding phone manufacturers have been relying on plastic polymers to make their flexible displays, but unlike glass, plastic creases and crinkles over time. Using plastic may provide strength to device as glass have more brittle shape rather than flexible like plastic. But plastic may easily get scratched. 

Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, is also working for new gen flexible glass technology which provide foldable smartphone more robust and attractive feel. According to Corning in a interview in Wired, GM of Corning told that they are trying to break some new challenges they face during manufacturing flexible Glass.

According to Wired, Corning is combining its experience with Willow Glass, which can roll up like a sheet of paper, and Gorilla Glass, which gets its strength from an ion-exchange process. Unfortunately, that process involves dipping glass into a molten salt solution, and salt corrodes the transistors found in display applications, which makes Willow Glass unsuitable for phones. Corning’s work is currently focused on overcoming this challenge. 

Apple has invested around $200 million for this technology which they tries to manufacture this technology as flexible glass technology is still far away from reality and only time will tell how Apple will prepare for this competition. 


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