Apple AirPod’s is an innovative tech from Apple which they produce after iPad, AirPod was release in Apple September 2016 event alongside with iPhone 7. As Apple wanted people to forcibly purchase AirPod as they have shown their “Courage” to remove Headphone jack. But it turns out Apple is right about wireless future, “but not for removing headphone jack” as today major tech giants release their wireless solution but no one really matches the potential of AirPod’s.

Some of the great facts about AirPod which include Apple W1 Chipset which gives this tiny piece of tech power to super-seeds other competitors. W1 Chipset provide a seamless paring technique to Apple device which uses the same iCloud ID you can pair the device within an instance, W1 Chipset also provides some taps gestures which user can program according to their need basically you can use Siri which is the default for user initially but the user can change it. The AirPod also includes a charger which also works as a carrying case user can charge the AirPods for 3-5 times from 0-100% which is really amazing as we compared with recently launching Galaxy Buds which only provides 1-time charge but a user can wirelessly charge the device from Galaxy S10 reverse charge feature. So these are some of the amazing features which make AirPod’s more amazing than it is but as time passes and competition also raise their quality Apple also has to improve their AirPods so they can match competitor easily.

AirPods 2 is expected to give its glimpse this month as according to rumors from various sources. So let see what we could expect from next gen. AirPods 2,

W4 Chipset

Apple W3 chipset was an earlier feature in Apple Watch Series 4 which bring Bluetooth 5.0, Apple may bring more advancement to this wireless technology add more feature that we think of. Apple may bring different gesture to response effect with this chipset, they could also bring some user head motion gesture which will bring more advancement to AirPods 2.

Apple may bring stability to connect Apple device easily may also feature 1 source 2 output support in which the user can use a single device and output two different AirPods 2 easily without any issue.

Bluetooth 5.0 brings faster and stable quality

Recent gen AirPods has Bluetooth 4.2 which a good Bluetooth iteration also features longer range, high-quality bandwidth and consumes less battery. But Bluetooth 5 may exceed the capability of AirPods 2 more than ever as according to Bluetooth 5 technology devices which feature this will have 2x more range than Bluetooth 4.2 device, Bluetooth 5 also consumes less battery and give more high-quality output possible.

The Bluetooth 5 also provides AirPods to receive audio separately from two different AirPods rather than one which we find in recent gen AirPods so it will give better audio receiving capability rather than recent gen AirPods.

Wireless charging is coming

Wireless charging is really future for our tech devices as we have seen many of the major devices which we use have wireless charging which includes smartwatch, smartphones and other smart wearables. Recent gen. Galaxy Buds has introduced wireless charging case which also comes handy when it reverse charge with Galaxy S10’s devices. Apple may also seem to jump in this domain and bring wireless charging to AirPods 2, they may also bring fast charging as possible.

It’s been confirmed that Apple’s upcoming  AirPower wireless charging pad will work with a new case for the AirPods.

Images of the wireless charging case were spotted in iOS 12 beta 5. While the AirPods don’t actually look any different the model identifier ‘AirPods1,2’ appears – which is different from the original AirPods 1,1. Here’s a still from a  9to5Mac video of the case:

Apple AirPods 2 Wireless Charging Case
Apple AirPods 2 Wireless Charging Case

The new AirPods images showing that a new case will include are an indicator which shows the charging status of the device. Charging light will install on the front of the device just down under the lid rather than having inside the device which is pretty inconvenient for a user if they charging the device with wire as they always have to open the lid each time to check device charging.

Design change bring improvement rather than complaining

Recent gen. AirPods looks like Tampons as user says about it, but now it becomes usual around as it does not look weird. AirPod 2 headphones will feature a special grip coating similar to the glass used on the Google Pixel phone.

According to leak, Apple may introduce a black color option alongside a white version.

Water resistant also becomes the norm for recent Ear Buds Apple also bring waterproofing to AirPods so that people can use it in rain or gym and the device will not be harm.

Feature which makes you love AirPods 2

New feature is always expected with an iteration of products as it will help to gives the user more choice option among other devices.

Noise Cancellation

According to leak AirPods, 2 will bring Noice cancellation, according to a report from Barclays  (predicting a delay until 2019 for the AirPods 2 launch) names noise cancellation as the flagship feature for the new headphones. This will be achieved via changes to the physical design, rather than active noise cancellation. Noice cancellation adds more comfort for the user who wants to use small headphones as compared with Large Headsets like Beats Studio 3, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II, Sony Noice Cancellation Headphone and more.


Apple may also bring some biometric sensors for measuring heart rate, Apple has changed the health industry by the introduction of Apple Watch Series 4 which feature blood pressure measurement with a tiny small device which is really breakthrough, Apple will surely made a new breakthrough with AirPods 2 by the inclusion of Heart Rate Sensor.

A report from Digitimes in January 2019 also suggested health monitoring features in the AirPods 2.

It seems that Apple plans to incorporate wellness sensors in future AirPods. Apple has updated the trademark includes the following,  according to Patently Apple in November 2018: “General wellness instruments, namely, health, fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors, monitors, speakers and displays for measuring, displaying, tracking, reporting, monitoring, storing, and transmitting biometric data, heart rate, body movement, and calories burned.”

Sound Quality

With the inclusion of Noise cancellation Apple may also increase the sound quality of AirPods they may feature deeper bass, more treble stability with an increase in audio decibel so AirPods could reach higher frequencies better.

Hey Siri!

Apple has teased this feature during the iPhone event in 2018 so it may be possible that Apple will bring Hey Siri to AirPods 2.

Now the above seems to have been confirmed by the beta for iOS 12.2. The next version of iOS 12 will include Hey Siri as one of the steps when setting up a new pair of AirPods.
The new setup screen offers to help the user set up Hey Siri for use with the new AirPods. Once set up the AirPods will be able to recognize the user’s voice and act on commands, as per this 9to5 Mac report

Pricing to the device still not clear as inclusion of these new features may increase the base price of AirPods as compared to $159 for recent gen. AirPods.
So these are some feature which we could see in upcoming AidPods 2, we’ll surely see AirPods 2 in Apple March event which is expected to happen 25th.


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