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2019 iPhone may include bidirectional wireless charging

Apple iPhone XS hasn’t made many features upgrade as compared with iPhone X but upcoming 2019 iPhone may come with better...

New iPad Air and iPad Mini Made Its Introduction But Quietly

Apple has finally updated its iPad lineup this time by including 2 new version of iPad which called as iPad Air...

Apple 7th Gen. iPad may include little improvement with the same price, headphone jack...

Apple has finally announced their special event of March as the event theme suggests “Its show time” we will probably expect...

Apple will bring 2 new iPad models according to the credible leaker

Rumors are over the internet for Apple’s upcoming event as speculation about what Apple will release next. As it is expected...

Apple AR’s glasses could be a reality by 2020: Kuo

Apple has several products lineups on their which include a self-driving car, foldable iPhone but the most promising effort into these...

AirPods 2 release date, price and specs rumours

Apple AirPod’s is an innovative tech from Apple which they produce after iPad, AirPod was release in Apple September 2016 event...

USB 4 Tries to close gap between USB and Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt has really changed the industry as a user can now use GPU's which portable and user can carry around anywhere....