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iPad Pro 2018 Concept Art

Apple Will Forge USB-C For Lighting Connector In iPad Pro 2018

Yesterday Apple announced their Apple special event, in which it is expected that Apple will announce new iPad Pro and Mac’s. As an event...
iPad Pro Without Home Button And Bezel-less Display

2018 iPad Pro Becoming Slimmer But Sacrificing One Thing…

Apple’s iPad event hasn’t seen the much green signal as we haven’t heard much about it, but as we are getting an end of...
TSMC A13 Chipset Manufacturers

2019 iPhone’s Chipset Will Exclusively Build By TSMC

Apple recent iPhone A12 has already been a powerhouse as it still destroying all the chipset coming in its way in terms of speed....
iPad Pro 2018 Concept Art

2018 iPad Pro Expecting Interesting Features Like 4K HDR Video Output, Apple Pencil 2,...

Apple’s iPad is now finally getting more competitors as yesterday Google announced their Pixel Slate which includes pretty Google hardware as well as Desktop...
Google Pixel Event 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Pixel Event

Google finally unveiled their product in their hardware event at NewYork they have announced a bunch of new feature and 3 new kinds of...
Apple A12 Bionic Chipset

Apple A12 Bionic Has Really Something Underhood?

Apple’s iPhone XS has been a really best iPhone ever created “yeah” I am using same Apple’s boring marketing terms which we always heard...
Project Andromeda Concepts Art

Microsoft New Andromeda Patent Showing New Doodling Feature

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to see Microsoft’s Project Andromeda’s glimpse as Microsoft is perfecting their device anyhow possible so they don’t want to create...