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Heavily Redesigned Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 Reportedly Making Debut In 2019

Heavily Redesigned Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 Reportedly Making Debut In 2019: Recent reports from trusted sources suggest that Microsoft is planning something big this...
Introduction To New macOS 10.14

macOS Mojave Simple But Yet Powerful

Apple macOS is one the biggest computer platform and it is favorite among student, developer, and editor as macOS provide the best user experience...

Lower Prize LCD iPhone Models Expected To Come In Majority

It is expecting that Apple is going to release three iPhone models in September this year with two models having OLED display while one...
tvOS 12 Introduction At WWDC 2018

tvOS 12 Brings Experience With Convenience

Apple WWDC developer event shows developer a new way to bring their app to live with the more new feature as Apple update all...
watchOS 5 Introduction At WWDC 2018

watchOS 5 Made Apple Watch More Active And Connected

Apple developer finally ended and we have seen many Apple software update so far, and also discover many features about these new update. Apple...
Apple USB-C Connector In 2019 iOS Devices

Next Gen. Apple iOS Device May Support USB-C

Next-gen Apple product might feature USB-C as expected later this year. Apple will ship Lighting -> USB-C cable with the 18W adapter which means...
Apple iPhone X Plus Screen Leak

New iPhone X and X Plus Appear With Design Leak, Triple Camera, Notch Redesign

Just after developer week iPhone rumors now start taking its stand as we get to know more about design, size, and price of upcoming...