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New Nougat is Revealed

New Nougat is Revealed
New Nougat is Revealed: After many days without name Android next version of Android N after all get a name called as Nougat as...

Naming The Next Android That Is: N

Android N Naming Images
Naming The Next Android That Is: N: As the seventh instalment of Android is approaching developer sees is hard to what the next Android to...

Android N Released By Google

Android N Released Image
Android N Released By Google:Wait is finally over as Google announces it's new version of Android called as Android N while the update contains...

What To Expect With Google I/O 2016

I/0 2016 Image
What To Expect With Google I/O 2016: As the day finally approaches and stages are set and tech giants Google finally about to start it's...

What to expect in Android N

Android N Logo
What To Expect In Android N:Google is about to release it's new Android OS a.k.a Android N. Android platform is among biggest OS platform...