Yesterday Apple announced their Apple special event, in which it is expected that Apple will announce new iPad Pro and Mac’s. As an event is going to be held on 30th Oct. in NewYork. So let see how Apple is preparing their devices against other industry competitions. 

Talking about industry standards USB-C has become a new industry standard as many smartphones, devices, tablets, Laptops, and more devices start featuring USB-C. Apple also starts their game with USB-C with Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, and iMac Pro since then there are not many other devices which feature USB-C  as iPhone, iPad, AirPods and much more. As USB-C becomes really a best universal standard for many devices as it is capable of giving much more than previous gen. USB standards, as current USB-C standard gives faster data transfer rate at around 10Gbps or more and also faster-charging rate as many smartphones feature Qualcomm Fast Charging which charges a phone within an Hour of charge. 

2018 iPad Pro Cover Showing Type-C Port
2018 iPad Pro Cover Showing Type-C Port

Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro models will also be expected to feature USB-C in favor of Lighting Connector, Apple’s Lighting Connector serves Apple, from the era of iPhone 5 since 2013 till now as ever iOS devices and accessories still feature Lighting Connector. But it seems that the era of Lighting Connector may be over from Apple world, as Apple will like to make their device normal as other manufacturers. This information is gathered from accessory makers at the Global Source Mobile Electronics Trade Fair by Japanese site Mac Otakara.

The trade fair kicked off today and Mac Otakara heard “talk” from manufacturers attending the event about a switch to USB-C.

2018 iPad Pro Concept Images Featuring Type-C
2018 iPad Pro Concept Images Featuring Type-C

This, not the first time we heard about USB-C turn over of iPad as earlier this year Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted this plan about the move over. As this step is really wonderful for iPad and as well for Apple as it will help iPad to bridge the gap between mobile device and computer.

USB-C will enable iPad Pro power completely as you can connect 4K external Display, USB Drives and much more. As more USB-C accessories are expected to arrive when iPad Pro will introduce. Apple also change the smart connector of iPad Pro 2018 as they make smart connector more powerful and reliable. 

Last week we have to get the new dimension of 2018 iPad Pro as it will surely feature edge to edge display. FaceID also makes its entrance to iPad world and sorry for the Home Button it will be going to end. So here are the leaks and feature we are expecting in next iPad Pro, hope to see what we’ll be going to see in next iPad Pro.

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