Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With HDR-Ready Feature

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With HDR-Ready Feature: At mobile world congress 2017, Samsung has just announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for his Android fans. This upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab has great look in comparison to its older Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2. It has a glass back which is giving it a perfectly stylish look than the older models which have the plastic back panel. Front of the new model has metal frame looking good to see.  However, this device will be similar with the old one by having a physical Home button.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With AMOLED 9.7-Inch Screen Option:

This new Tab is also supporting the HDR feature but it is not disclosed by the company that which HDR Standard it will support. The older Samsung Tab S2 came in two models: 9.7-inch and 8-inch variants but the upcoming Tab S3 are going to come in only 9.7-inch option. The tablet is also featuring AMOLED display and quad-speakers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With HDR-Ready Feature
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With HDR-Ready Feature

This Tab is also featuring “auto-calibrated” speakers claiming by the company that these speakers can recognize the orientation in which tablet is holding and closer sounds will be transmitted to the top two speakers and the user will have the theater like experience.

An optional keyboard case for the Galaxy tab S3 will also be present, which will be purchased separately like the Samsung Galaxy Book which also has a separate keyboard. New Tab also comes with S  Pen Stylus, S Pens have been a staple part of Samsung Note Series tablets and windows tablets.

Much expectations are there with this new upcoming tablet in the market of Android tablet as sales of the tablets were on declining from the last few years. The company is trying to make a good tablet for his android fans. This new tab is Samsung’s flagship MWC 2017 product but the company has not announced the price of the Tab S3 and its release date. So it is not wrong to say we all have to wait to see the new version of the tablet after the Galaxy Tab S2 as it was also one of the best tabs at that time. So we are hoping we would have something better than the previous release.


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