Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Show Significant Adoption Says AdDuplex

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Shows Massive Adoption

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Microsoft Windows 10 is really great OS Microsoft has ever created as they have learned many things during the span of creating Windows 10 as they regularly update and focused update help user to get attracted to Windows background. New Windows 10 Update Fall Creator has been a big advancement for future of computing as you can now Create 3D Object in Paint app Create 3D Video in Remix 3D, Watch VR content natively on your Windows Machine with VR headset no need for other apps. Microsoft Mixed reality also a very nice addition to windows world. As Fall Creators update has been released f more than two month and people attracted to this update is more than half of Windows 10 PC’s which shows real growth of Windows world according to AdDuplex’s latest report.

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Adoption Rate
Fall Creator Update User Adoption Rate

AdDuplex has released its latest month report concerning the Windows ecosystem, giving us another look at how fat the Fall Creators Update has spread since launch. According to the report from this firm Fall Creators Update is now installed on 53.6 percent of Windows 10 PCs. Which is more than the previous update which is come in November from 20.4 percent.

Microsoft last update like Creators Update suffer most moving as it down to a 33.7 percent from 63.5 percent share in November. The Anniversary update is down much less dramatically, moving from 13.6 percent to 10.5 percent Windows 10 Version 1511 is down from 1.5 percent to 1.3 percent, and 1507 has a little share from 0.6 to 0.5 percent.

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update World Level Adoption
Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Adoption Vary Among Countries

Talking about region level division for Windows 10 Europe is seeing the most installs with more than 60 percent of PCs running the Fall Creators Update “in many countries,” AdDuplex says. The U.S. and Canada are showing a similar percentage of installs. Overall, the Fall Creators Update’s rollout is showing a much sharper rise over time than the Creators Update, but it’s still slightly behind the pace of the Anniversary Update.

Microsoft another update is on the way to release Andromeda and Redstone 4 may make Windows more competitive as compared to counterparts companies. Latest Windows build running in beta is bringing Tab to Windows which surely made Windows OS more usable device than ever. The report was gathered in December and also remember that it is based on AdDuplex’s number of based sample of 5,000 Windows Store apps that use its SDK.

Via Windows Central


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